About Us

Know what we’ve achieved and given back to the community over the last 3 decades

Gowthami Nursery is synonymous with quality, diversity and satisfaction.

Gowthami Nursery was started in 1992 by Margani Veerababu. He considered as a man of ethics and values. He received “Best Nursery & Best Promissory Nurseryman” awards, for his excellence in nursery field. He has been working relentlessly to show our gratitude towards mother nature and how plants are synonymous with kindness. What was once established to support our livelihood, soon became our calling.

We are home to some of the most exquisite plant types in the world that are waiting for a buyer. Ever since our inception, we’ve always wanted to offer healthy plants of the highest quality standard.

The moment we realized how relaxing it was to experience a tree growing, we wanted to share the same joy on a bigger scale throughout India. 

We’ve grown more responsible in offering healthy plants and in teaching customers how to grow and nurture them properly.

Gowthami Nursery has maintained its consistency for over 25 years now. We maintain the utmost transparency in our operations and make sure to do justice for every penny that a customer pays. 

Understanding the plant’s sensitivity, we are really cautious when it comes to packaging and loading.

Over the years, we’ve worked with a ton of noteworthy clients such as the Hyderabad airport, Hotel ITC, Welspun, Zuari cement and a bunch of other function halls, resorts and real estate ventures.


Why Choose Us

Our gratitude towards nature is our identity and we’ve been earning and growing our reputation over the last 3 decades.

Superior-Quality Plants

We handpick plants that can easily adapt to the environment where they’re planted and teach you how to keep them pest and disease-free.

Diverse Varieties

From Imported plants, flowering plants to big trees that offer shade, we offer an incredible range of plants to choose from. 

Moderate Prices

We are striving hard to make planting trees more affordable. All our plants are moderately priced in their respective segments.

Dedicated Assistance

Apart from offering the best quality crops in the market, we can also guide you in the process of planting and growing them, the right way. 

We Prioritise Satisfaction

Our approach is kind and friendly enough to make you feel at home. We prioritize your satisfaction more than anything else.

We Supply All-India

If you’re not around closer do not worry, we are fully equipped to cater to clients all across India in almost every available state, but in bulk quantities.

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